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See How We Grow

Over the last 20 years we have always tried to fill needs in our community with new and fun classes and teams. Our stunt team returned in 2006 as a non-competing team. The name Power Squad was chosen by the first group who were on the team. We also started a tumbling class soon after to accompany Power Squad and gave those athletes a chance to improve their tumbling skills. We now offer two traditional tumbling classes that are open to everyone in the program.

In 2006 we began Highland Cheer Squad, a team for people of all ages with developmental disabilities. This was the only outside team invited to perform at the first WIAA High School State Championships in 2007. They performed every year at the Championships until it moved to Vancouver two years ago. Dance/Drill Team came in 2009. We found that although there were many dance programs in the Bellevue area, there were few that were preparing kids for the type of Dance and Drill teams common in the local high schools. So we started Dance/Drill Team to teach pom, hip hop, and precision (military) styles of dance. Red Squad returned in 2014 (that story will be in a future post). We added Stunt Class in Renton and are working on adding one is Issaquah as well. In 2017 we added a Ninja Tumbling class…a fun opportunity to learn tumbling basics while you “get the bad guys.” This class in particular has been a great success as Coach Ariana and Junior Coach Cory continue to add to it and evolve the class into even more skill instruction, games, and other fun opportunities. As the needs arise we continue to add classes and teams, along the way teaching important life necessities such as sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, friendship, respect, and much, much more!

In next month’s installment…fun and crazy performances!

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