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EDE has a long history of helping young people develop their leadership skills through our junior coaching program.  EDE cheerleaders who are in 7th grade and above are eligible to apply for summer and break camp coaching positions each year.  Applications are available in the spring and coaches are chosen from current EDE cheerleaders who have shown hard work and dedication on their teams.  Junior coaches get training on how to work with both small groups and large groups of cheerleaders as they teach and mentor the summer camp participants.

Junior coaches who are in 11th grade and above are chosen to help with the year-round programs.  Coaches are chosen only from current EDE cheerleaders with at least one year of experience in the program (although multiple years are recommended).  All junior coaches, both year-round and summer coaches, can earn community service hours towards their high school graduation requirements and beyond.


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“This program has been truly amazing, even though I’ve only been part of it for less than a year.  I joined EDE thinking it would be a good way to prepare for high school tryouts but now it means so much more to me.  I’ve made so many friends and improved myself in so many ways.  I’ve developed my leadership and patience as well as my cheer skills!  EDE has been so meaningful to me and I am looking forward to continuing with this amazing program!”

Ellie B., Age 13

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