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Summer Camps - What are you doing?

I remember going to a Girl Scout day camp as a kid. It lasted a week. And then I went to the neighborhood pool, watched too much TV, and played with friends. By fourth grade I started performing in a summer stock play each summer so that pretty much gobbled up summer from then through high school.

Now I put on cheer camps in the summer. They are a lot of fun, and A LOT of work. And they provide excellent leadership training for my older cheerleaders, as well as some of my alums. (If you want to join one of our camps, check out the list of camps here!)

My boys are going to a number of different camps this summer while I'm teaching cheer camps (they'll hang out at cheer camp too occasionally). There are so many choices in to choose? We go by proximity, recommendations from friends, and sometimes just "sounds like fun...let's give it a shot." This year they'll enjoy Lego Camp, Basketball Camp, Detective Camp, and Chess/Robotics Camp. And the rest of the summer we'll hang out and swim and do the occasional trip to somewhere fun.

Did you go to camp as a kid? What kind of things did you do? What do your kids do now? How do you relax in the summer, or do you? Thoughts to ponder as summer approaches!

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