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2nd in the Nation!

Last month's post was about the Road to we've been there and the road home too. What a weekend! What an experience! This was my first time being the head coach on an out-of-state trip and I'll be honest, I was anxious. I am naturally a "worst-case-scenario" person anyway. I like to think of everything that could possibly go wrong and try to think of contingencies in case they do. So I don't know if it was my anxiety, or really good planning, or a combination of both, but things went amazingly smoothly. No one got lost, no one got injured, and everyone managed to get home in one piece. Wahoo!

The highlight of the weekend, of course, was winning 2nd place in our division. There were seven teams in our cateogory...the most we've every competed with (in three years of competing) is four teams, so seven was a big jump. When they called the 7th place team, East Bay, we thought it was us in that moment of hearing "East." Then the announcer continued up through 3rd place and I nearly fell on the floor. I knew we wouldn't take first (we saw them in warm-up and they were PHENOMENAL), so 2nd was more than we could even hope for. THRILLED doesn't even begin to describe it.

We had a blast the rest of the weekend...playing at Knott's Berry Farm and at Disneyland and having a fantastic time. I don't know if we'll do this every year...maybe every other year...but it was definitely worth all the effort and anxiety and hard work. We'll go back again someday, for sure!

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