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The last blog post was in 2020. Since then I just couldn't bring myself to write about anything. Either I was feeling sorry for myself for COVID pretty much destroying our program (and everything else in life), or I was super busy trying to figure out how to bring things back, and praying that it would even happen. I'm happy to say that we're back! We're not as big as we used to be, we don't have as many performance opportunities yet, and our basketball team we cheer for isn't back yet either, but we are coming back, slowly but surely. We had a competition team this season. Our Red Squad dropped from 18 in 2020 to 7 taking the floor at State (9 total) this year. When we did what would become our very last pre-COVID performance in 2020 at Seattle U, we had approximately 85 cheerleaders on the floor. When we performed there this year we had 52. Things are smaller. Craziness abounds. Rules change every week. But we continue to plug along and do our thing. We make a difference in the lives of kids, we contribute to the community, and we have a whole lotta fun along the way. Let's! Go! Eastside!


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