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Slowly but Surely...Starting with Summer

When COVID shut us down in March 2020, I believed all the "experts" and thought it would only be for two weeks. How naive I was! I didn't "pivot" immediately because I thought it would be nice to have a couple weeks off, recharge, regenerate, and then get back to normal. It was a couple months in that Coach Christina encouraged me to get some online classes going. By then it was obvious that *normal* wasn't going to be happening anytime soon. We also planned for two camps, half-day at the Issaquah Community Center, to give kids a chance to have some summer fun. We followed every. single. guideline. laid out by the state and county and made it work. Everyone masked, socially distanced, outdoors as much as possible, no food. And we had fun! It was so good to do SOMETHING! In 2021 we were able to have a few more camps. Out of all the cities we work with, only the City of Issaquah continued to operate their community center. We had three camps with them in 2021, and we brought back a shortened version of Stunt & Tumble Camp at an outdoor venue. And again, we had fun! Oh it felt good to be stunting again! I'm thrilled to announce that now, in 2022, we are officially back to where we were in 2019 for summer camps. We are offering a total of nine camps this summer and so far they have been well-attended. With two more to go, we are on par to equal our numbers from 2019. What a milestone! Our school-year numbers still are struggling, but we plug on. We're hoping 2022-2023 will bring us back, and that many kids will be able to join us and learn teamwork, perseverance, and have a lot of fun doing what we all



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