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EDE's 20 Years of Accomplishments

Our 20th anniversary year was rudely interrupted by COVID-19, so we are continuing the celebration this school year! I haven't taken time in a while to compile a list of our major accomplishments and milestones, so here it is:

2000 - The idea for a cheer program through Bellevue Parks is first conceived of and one beginning class offered at the Tyee Community Gym. By spring 2001 the cheer class is very popular.

September 2001 - First team is formed...Basketball Cheer Squad. That team continues through the present day. 2002 - The first competition team, "Advanced Squad", forms in January and competes once in March, winning 1st place in their division. This team will later become Red Squad. It will be disbanded in 2004 when Bellevue Parks Department decides against having a competitive team. September 2002 - "White Squad" is formed to complement "Red Squad." White Squad will eventually become Dream Team by 2004. Spring 2003 - EDE performs at a Storm game for the first time.

Fall 2006 - Highland Squad is formed for people with developmental disabilities.

2010 - EDE moves from Tyee Community Gym to Highland Center when Tyee is remodeled. EDE stays at Highland Center after Tyee reopens.

2010 - Coach Anne wins the WSCCA Coach of the Year award. 2013 - The new & improved Red Squad is formed and competes at the WSCCA

Junior State Championships, winning 1st place in their division and Grand Champion (overall highest score of all divisions). EDE wins WSCCA Program of the Year. 2015 - Coach Anne wins the WSCCA Coach of the Year award again, and EDE wins Program of the Year for an unprecedented second year in a row.

2016 - Red Squad attends USA Nationals for the first time ever and wins 2nd place. Coach Jacqui Jackson wins WSCCA Rising Star Coach of the Year. 2017 - Coach Katie Sander wins WSCCA Rising Star Coach of the Year. Coach Anne is inducted into the WSCCA Hall of Fame.

2018 - Red Squad wins Grand Champion (highest score of the session) at Skyline's WinterCheer competition. The session includes high school teams as well. Coach Hillary Lewis wins WSCCA Rising Star Coach of the Year. 2019/2020 - Red Squad wins 1st place and the Judges Choice award at the Spirit of Northshore competition. Red Squad wins its 7th straight championship at the WSCCA Junior State Championships. Fall 2020 - Coach Katie Knowles wins WSCCA Assistant Coach of the Year and Coach Ariana Mafi wins WSCCA Rising Star Coach of the Year.

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