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COVID Updates for Rec Cheer in Washington

This is an update for all rec cheer programs in Washington state. Of course, things are changing and updating all the time, but as of today, this is the upcoming general plan:

Competition season has been officially moved to March/April. The WIAA has broken the school year into four seasons and competitive cheer, along with football, have been moved to Season 3, which is March/April. We should have information on competition dates in the next few weeks. For this year there will be no requirement to cheer sideline in order to compete. We know many rec football programs have canceled their seasons. Those squads who still want to and are able to compete will be welcome to. The WIAA issued some guidelines for cheer. As rec programs we are not obligated to follow these, but I personally choose to since the school programs will be following these temporary rules. Ultimately it is up to your league as to how your team will proceed.

I will let you know when we have more information about competitions. Best of luck with your teams!

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