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A Whole New Cyber World

All of the blog posts this year were supposed to be a look back at the 20 years of EDE. But nothing about this year has gone as it was supposed to.

This competition season was particularly challenging. We had some team commitment issues, injuries, and other things that lead to a tough season. But we still came out on top and that felt great. We made it through all of that, ready to take on a new adventure in Japan with a few Red Squad members for spring break. We were also ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of EDE. And we were ready to take on the world, as usual. But instead we sit at home quarantined. Hoping for the day when we can practice together again...without being six feet apart. In the meantime, though, we decided to try offering a few online classes to help everyone keep their skills up. This is brand new territory for us but the process has gone remarkably smoothly, all things considered. Right now we are offering three classes per week--two of them as part of a session and a single Jumps/Conditioning class on its own. All have been well-received. Online classes certainly aren't the same as in person, but at least we can do a little something to help our cheerleaders polish their skills. We hope to be back to "normal" soon. Until then, see you at Cyber EDE!

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