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Nothing Can Stop Us...Except a Super Virus

After founding EDE and coaching for 20 years, I really thought nothing could stop us. Don't get me wrong--we've had some TOUGH times. We had a rough competition season this year, but we came through all the challenges and came out on top. Never did I imagine I would have to cancel classes for a worldwide pandemic. Wasn't even in my wildest thoughts. As the Parks Departments I work with started canceling classes one by one, I was in denial thinking this would blow over quickly and we would be back to business-as-usual. Unfortunately it has been anything but. I'm firmly in the sadness phase now. I've never had a time in all my years of running EDE that I've had NO classes, camps, practices, SOMETHING for six+ weeks. And at this point we don't even know if this will end in six weeks. I'm sad that I won't be around my cheerleaders, I'm sad for the performances we'll likely have to miss (and possibly even our 20th anniversary party), and most of all I'm sad for missing the energy that comes from working together towards common goals. In the meantime, though, I'll be hanging out with my family and slowing down life a little. Taking a break from the normal routine and trying some new things at home. Maybe even clean out the house a little (okay, maybe not). I hope everyone stays healthy and that we come through this latest challenge ready to take on the world. Keep working on your skills. Hug your loved ones. And we'll come out stronger on the other side.

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