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Fun and Crazy Performances!

With competition season in full swing last month, the January blog post was pushed back to February. We had a challenging competition season this year, but came out on top in the end. But this month, we're talking about the most memorable performances. Here are a few from my memory and from former and current team members: - One of the first performances for the newly-formed Power Squad was at what was supposed to be a big regional basketball tournament at South Bellevue Community Center. But when we arrived we found out it was a much smaller event than was billed. In fact, it was pretty much just us and the EDE parents. We performed, had a little pyramid mishap at the end where part of one stunt came down. Not a big deal, but the first time we had fallen in a performance. Luckily, it was only for our own parents! - One of the most memorable routines was the Power Squad "pinwheel" routine. Tim Schall, EDE's long-time cheer dad and supporter, says this is his favorite routine of all time. Although the "pinwheel" stunt is now illegal, we sure had a great time doing it when it was! - Since Red Squad returned in 2014 we've made it our signature to do something fun while in preps either preceding or following the pyramid. The most iconic, by far, was the "shoulders" to the song "Shake it Off." We first did this in the 2015-2016 season. We brought it back this year (with some modifications) for EDE's 20th anniversary season. - The hip hop routines on Dance/Drill have always been fun and we've brought in a variety of choreographers to work with. We've had Raya Llopis, Randi Mendel, Jessica Mercer, and Hillary Lewis all do hip hop choreography. This year we've bringing back "24 Karat Magic" choreographed by Jessica Mercer. - Also a very memorable performance was back in 2009 when we performed at the Father's Day game at the Seattle Storm. We had the dads come to the floor and perform "Ice Cream & Cake" with their daughters. It was epic. It was also memorable the next year when a music malfunction led to not being able to do a repeat dad performance. So sad! We've had pretty much everything happen at our many performances. Stage area way too small, ceiling too low, music not playing (or the wrong music playing). You name it, we've done it. But all of that adds to the variety and fun of being part of a team. We go through these things together and we always put on a great show!

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