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Kicking Cancer Booty

I never thought I would get cancer. I'm sure everyone thinks that, but I had pseudo-scientific evidence to back me up. In college I took a health class from a professor who had written a book about Type A and Type B personalities (you know, Type A is hyper organized, a little OCD, gotta have things my way, and Type B is their laid back counterpart). But this professor/author/researcher hypothesized that there was also a Type C personality...the person most likely to get cancer. These are the people who are always putting everyone else first, the givers of our society, and who never take time for themselves.

Clearly, I am Type A.

And according to my professor, I am way more likely to die of a heart attack than of cancer. So I really thought I was immune to the Big C. WRONG! However, I must count my blessings. I have early thyroid cancer, very treatable and rarely fatal at this stage. As my doctor said, "this isn't a cancer that will kill you. It's a cancer of inconvenience." And that it is.

So here are a few of the inconveniences that have come with my cancer, and my attempt to look on the bright side: Two surgeries and had to miss singing in my Ensign Christmas concert because of the second one, BUT got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers in an absolutely gorgeous vase from my fellow altos. Radiation treatment that required me to eat a bizarre, low-iodine diet for nearly two weeks, BUT now I REALLY appreciate yummy food! Especially my favorite...seafood! Radiation treatment also required me to be in isolation in a hotel room for five days, BUT I have had time to relax and get some work done (like this blog post), so it's not all bad. Painful, itchy scar where my surgeries happened. Well, there isn't really an upside to this one. Oh wait, yes there is! NOT DYING OF CANCER! The biggest thing that my cancer experience has taught me is how much love and support I have out there with my family, friends, and most of all, my EDE family. Thank you to everyone who has been there for me with supportive words and actions. I am very, VERY blessed.

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