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Camp & Clinic Success

There are a lot of fun summer camps and clinics available for kids. These camps can be a fantastic experience, but there are a few things for parents to keep in mind: - Make sure your child is wearing tennis shoes! Summer is a time for sandals and flip flops, so this can be overlooked more easily than you would think. Make sure you have good, supportive tennis shoes.

- Bring a water bottle. Even if there is a drinking fountain available at the gym, your child might not have time to wait in a long line, or maybe the campers will head outside for some outdoor time and will need to take a water bottle with them. - Bring a snack, just in case. The coaches may decide to take an unscheduled snack break and it's always good to be prepared with something your child will actually eat and enjoy.

- Wear hair up, in a ponytail, if possible. Hair in the face can be very distracting during cheer camp.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that summer is time for FUN, so make sure your expectations align with the goals of the camp. Most summer cheer camp coaches want to teach skills, of course, but there is usually a greater element of fun during the summer, and less of an emphasis on specific skills. Enjoy the summertime experience!

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