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My Other Life

Cheerleading is my life. And being a mom. Often in that order. I'm really glad both my boys participate in cheer to some degree (one loves it, and the other tolerates it, which is good enough for me). I love having my boys with me at practice.

But it turns out I have another life too. SHOCK! One that has nothing whatsoever to do with cheerleading, other than it is another performance art. Back in 2013 I auditioned for a new choir being put together in the Seattle area. I just admit I had a REALLY strong audition (sang better than I have in ages...we'll give God credit for that one), and I was thrilled to find out that I made it! I have been a member of the Ensign Symphony & Chorus ever since, as a Sassy Alto (we named ourselves), and five times a year I have the honor of singing my heart out on the stage of Benaroya Hall in Seattle. I've only missed one concert in three seasons, and that because it coincided with EDE competing at USA Nationals last year.

It's nice to get out of what sometimes becomes a very small world, and find that there is life outside of cheerleading. And right now, especially around this divisive 2016 election as well at Veteran's Day, I would love to share a little of my choir. A little of my life on the outside.

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