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New Scoresheets are Here!

The new score sheets for high school and rec cheer in Washington state have been released. If you are competing this year, please make sure you study the new score sheets and linear scales and choreograph your routine accordingly.

One major change this year is that in the Tumbling section, instead of having 5 points for standing tumbling and 5 points for running tumbling, has now changed to 5 points for tumbling difficulty and 5 points for tumbling execution. This means that full squad cartwheels/round-offs that are well-executed can get 4-5 points for execution and 1-2 points for difficulty...a possible 7 out of 10 in the tumbling category for just having cartwheels and round-offs!

The hope is that this will encourage more teams to compete in the Tumbling divisions and design routines that encompass ALL their cheer skills.

Click here to go to the WSCJA website's page with the new scoresheets, rubrics, and more!

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