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"Captain" Kristen Hersey has been a member of the Highland Cheer Squad since its inception in 2006.


EDE works to make cheerleading affordable for everyone.

The Bellevue Parks & Community Services Department, Mercer Island Parks & Recreation Department, and the Renton Parks & Recreation Department all offer scholarships to families who qualify to help cover class tuition (see the Contact page for links to scholarship applications). These scholarships do not cover uniform costs.


EDE has a small scholarship fund to help families pay for uniform and accessory costs. We are also currently raising money to help the Highland Squad for people with developmental disabilities get new uniforms. Those seeking help with uniform costs, please contact Coach Anne.


We welcome contributions to our fundraising and scholarships. This is not a 501c3 fund. Donations may be made by check payable to "EDE Scholarship" and sent to the mailing address on the Contact page.

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