Parenting, Coaching, & Letting Go

A couple weeks ago I attended a lecture by Jessica Lahey, author of the book "The Gift of Failure." It was a lot of stuff I already know...learning to let go of your kids (your own, and/or the ones you coach) and let them have their own failures so they can learn from them. Even though I know these things intellectually, I still have to be reminded otherwise I too can fall into the pit of "rescuing" my kids from what could be really great learning experiences.

This month's blog is just a list of places to read if you want to study up on this topic. These were mentioned by Ms. Lahey in her lecture: Books:

The Gift of Failure


Articles: New York Times: Helping a Perfectionist Child Worry Less and Do More

New York Times: For a Child with Learning Differences, Making Home a Safe Harbor

New York Times: When Children Say 'I Can't,' But They Can, and Adults Know It

The Atlantic: I Will Not Check My Son's Grades Online Five Times a Day

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