Rec Cheer Updates for the New School Year

As we head into the new school year I wanted to write out a few reminders of our new guidelines as it pertains to the WSCCA Junior State Championships: The 2018-2019 Divisions for WSCCA Junior/Rec State are: Mini - Age 8 and under Mini Non-Tumbling - Age 8 and under Youth - Age 11 and under Youth Non-Tumbling - Age 11 and under Junior - Age 14 and under Junior Non-Tumbling - Age 14 and under Senior - Age 18 and under Senior Non-Tumbling - Age 18 and under All-Star Crossover (3 or more USASF-registered athletes on the team) - Age 18 and under Game Day - Age 18 and under An athlete's age for the 2018-2019 season is determined by their age on August 31, 2018. No crossovers are allowed. All

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